Why Luna, Chip & Inkie?

Why should your kids watch Luna, Chip & Inkie: Adventure Rangers Go
Luna, Chip & Inkie is a fun way for kids to learn how to develop friendships, express themselves, control their emotions, resolve conflicts and engage with others in conversation and play.
Presented with an increasing number of socialization opportunities, young children are human beings in the making. They are beginning to learn how to offer friendship, express themselves, control their emotions, resolve conflicts and engage with others in conversation and play. Luna, Chip & Inkie: Adventure Rangers Go helps support children ages 4-6 as they develop these important social and emotional skills.
The show features three very best of friends who are motivated by always wanting to help others. In doing so, they need to work together as a team to solve problems. And because they are each so very different (land, sea, air), they often need to learn from their mistakes and keep trying again and again until they find just the right solution. To name just a few, some skills modelled in the show are:
  • How to be a good friend (treating others with kindness and caring)
  • What it means to make a new friend (ways to connect with others)
  • Understanding that another’s point of view can be different from one’s own (perspective taking)
  • How to listen carefully (and the consequences when you don’t!)
  • Appreciating one’s community
  • Problem-solving (and the value of making mistakes along the way)
  • Persistence (never giving up!) and the power of a positive, “can-do” attitude
  • How to cope with failure (managing frustration and disappointment)
  • Teamwork–and the wonderful things that can happen when collaborating with others to achieve a shared goal.
A very important tool in the Luna, Chip & Inkie learning kit is humor. By telling stories about characters who slip up or fail in an amusing way or who take many attempts to succeed, we support children in feeling more comfortable about embracing their fears and hesitations.
Additionally, music offers children memorable entry points through which they can explore the important themes presented in the narratives like teamwork, following directions, and the importance of flexibility.
The town of Eagle Creek offers an array of personalities, ages, backgrounds, and temperaments with which children can identify or experience for the first time. In this way, Luna, Chip & Inkie portrays an appreciation of differences and an understanding that a community thrives when its members contribute their unique strengths and skills.
With relatable characters and stories themed around issues that are emotionally relevant to the audience, Luna, Chip & Inkie helps to foster positive self-regard as viewers watch their on-screen counterparts navigate relationships, contribute to their community and master the world around them. One needs to look no further than the Adventure Ranger’s motto to sum up the series’ educational underpinnings — “Adventure Rangers never say never! No problem’s too tough when we solve it together!”

Luna, Chip & Inkie is produced by Knowledge Network, British Columbia’s public broadcaster.

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